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WIGGLESWORTH  -    Tet UFo (Variable Crispate),  Mid Late,  36 x 7.  2 Lats + Terminal "Y".  20 + buds.  Pod and pollen fertile. Very hardy in zone 6.


WIGGLESWORTH is bright pink lavender with an excellent green throat.  It is the embodiment of a variable crispate   It is a constant delight, full of surprises, blooming in many different poses.  Pinch, quill twist, curl, hook; you name it. 

See the pictures to the left - all photos taken on the same day. It is a parent of ADMIRABLE CURMUDGEON, BOMBAY DREAMS, FUNKY MONKEY and HOLLYWOOD CALLING and several future introductions.  As a breeder, it is my "go-to" parent - pod or pollen - for Unusual Forms.  I use it with pinks, light and dark lavenders, purples and reds. I hope I not putting too much emphasis on WIGGLESWORTH as a breeder, because it has a remarkable garden presence and is breathtaking in a clump.


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