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Bob Schwarz

(Unk)  Unusual Form, Tet, 8x45, 2-3 lats + "Y".  25-30 buds, pollen fertile, Late

With 25-30 buds per scape, 'Bittersweet August' is a long blooming season extender that produces blossoms late into August; almost until September. A nice tall plant at 45", 'Bittersweet August' has the color punch that enables it to call across the garden, and the wide open form beckons you to come closer to inspect the glowing 8' flowers. 'Bittersweet August' is a Pinched Crispate, and although the marker with the exact parentage was apparently eaten by a groundhog, I know that the heritage goes all the way back to George Rasmussen's 'King George'. The orange petals have a slight ruffle with a rouge "dry brush" chevron. An unusual feature of the blossom is a beige bar that runs down the pinched center of each petal. This plant makes a very colorful contribution to the late garden.

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