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Bob Schwarz

Unk.   Tet   25 x 5 ½. 3 and 4 lats + "Y". Up to 35 buds.  Fertile both ways.  Blooms early in the mid season until late

'Rainbow Red' is a ferocious bloomer. Each scape produces 25 to 35 blossoms over a long, long bloom season.One scape this season had 5 well placed lats plus the terminal "Y". The color is a rich burgundy and the green throat complements the red nicely. The form is such that I think that 'Bimini Twist" and 'Captain Nemo' are somewhere in the background.  But this is another of the plants whose marker was lost, misplaced, eaten or stolen somewhere in the murky past.  So, I have no proof. The plant has been problematic for me in that it has a tremendous number of excellent qualities; not the least of which is the ease with which it sets pods.  I use it extensively as an aid boosting branching and bud count in its kids. However, 'Rainbow Red' is not a sun-fast as 'Bimini Twist', or 'Nine Inch Nails', for example. It appreciates a shady spot in the afternoon. That stated, I must add in 'Rainbow Red's defense that it is no "melter", it is just not a plant suited for full hot sun. Its multitude of blossoms and excellent color make it a very worthwhile plant.

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