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Bob Schwarz

And a 'Big Banana it is; over 9 inches wide. (Richard Webster Sdlg. x "Crazylegs) Early.  Unusual Form, Tet.  9x32  1-2 lats +"Y".  20+ buds. Pollen fertile

The wide open form of this early blooming plant shows off the lovely cream color.  The ends of the segments darken a bit, and if one looks closely there is the ghost of a lighter chevron about half way out along the petals. I wish the pinching on the petals were a little more pronounced.  But because it is pinched as much as it is, and its wide open form, I am registering it as an Unusual Form.  It certainly does not resemble a full form flower.As soon as the banana shaped buds opened into the cream colored blossoms the name 'Big Banana' became inevitable. Each well blanched scape sports over 20 buds and a clump of 'Big Banana' is a dazzling sight, indeed.

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