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Bob Schwarz

Unk. Tet. 6x32  1-2 lats + "Y" 15+ buds Pollen fertile.  Mid, Pollen fertile

'Lavender Lingerie' is a lovely lavender flower to add to your collection.  It has a pleasing open form with lots of twists, curls and quills.  While not consistent enough for me to be able to register it as an Unusual Form, it does show a lot of movement, and is always full of surprises. I love the lacy effect of the softly ruffled lighter edge on all six tepals.  In fact, that was the reason I named the plant 'Lavender Lingerie'.  The light ruffles reminded me of the frills that are said to embellish certain feminine undergarments I have heard about. I also like the light mid-rib leading down to the olive green throat. This plant produces 15 - 20 buds per scape and it is a delight to see blooming in clump strength.

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