Bill & Joyce Reinke, 3223 Gum Flat Road, Bells, TN 38006
Phone: (731) 663-3744

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HELLO MORNING (Reinke J. 04) 40" M LA 9" dor. Golden yellow, subtly sculptured unforgettable UF with a radiating green throat. The petals are spoon shaped and the narrow sepals are hooked, making for a unique new yellow.. $95.00

KATHRYN GILTNER (Reinke J. '04) 6.5" M 28" dor. Very showy dark purple and lavender bitone. The petals are velvety with stark white, wide mid ribbing. The sepals are lavender with wine veining. $85.00

*AUGUST REINKE (Reinke J. '96) 7" M 28" dor. Very ruffled with a melon fuchsia color that makes this modern round flower very unique. A real favorite with garden visitors. $55.00

CHARLENE MOORE (Reinke B. '04) 7" M ML 52" Hardy sev. Rose and greenish yellow UF. This tall straight plant is ideal for the back or center of the borders. $65.00

LAURENA (Reinke, B&J 95) 8" Dor. Silvery lavender sider, a really lovely spider that has produced several new introductions. $35

LEE REINKE (Reinke, J. 99) 7"-8" Dor. Ruffled, lavender-pink edge, creamy white UF. Won "Best Of Show" in 2000 and an Honorable Mention the first time in 2002. $55

ROYAL DIANA (Reinke, B&J 98) 6 1/2" Dor. Wide petaled, ruffled near white. Named for Princess Diana, and much pretier than the picture, it makes you look forward to getting up the next day to rush out and soak in her loveliness. $45

CURLY BRICK ROAD (Reinke, J., 2000) 7 1/2" Dor. Bright brick red. Spider Variant. The crinkled gold edged, creamy midribs, green throat and center make for a very different looking red. She twirls and curls beautifully. $65

EL NINO (Reinke, B&J 2001) 8" Sev. Unique swirly unusual form type of double that doubles 80% of the time. The color is a beautiful shade of light apricot... not as gold as in picture. $35

TENNESSEE WILLIAMS (Reinke J. '04) 37" M ML 7.5" dor. Variant Spider. The petals and sepals are rosy pink with a darker rose halo. The hooked sepals rise a bit upward over the curled petals and make for a nice different look in this spider. $85.00