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Bill & Joyce Reinke, 3223 Gum Flat Road, Bells, TN 38006
Phone: (731) 663-3744

To receive beautiful color catalogue, please send $2

The garden is open to the Public the second and third weekends each June.
It is open to AHS Members by appointment at any time.

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Please enquire about the many different classifications of irises we have available

reinke1.jpg (32588 bytes) Stephens Lane Garden extends a warm welcome to this homepage. Stephens Lane Garden is an official American Hemerocallis Society Display Garden. We continue still specialize in Spiders and Unusual Forms.


DELICATE ONE (Reinke, J. '06) 38" MLa 7" Dor. Dip. This one is lovely as a regular flower but is transformed to truly amazing when it blooms polytepal. It is a pastel yellow pink hued with a green throat that extends to a rose red halo. $95.00

GADSDEN MESHACH (Reinke, J. '05) 39" MLa 8" Dor. UF. Brownish purple Dip. GADSDEN MESHACH twist and curls, pinches and quills. The purple color is brushed with a darker velvet plicking. It has a deep green throat that extends in firey rays to a black purple eye. $95.00

AMBER CURLS (Reinke, J. '05) 30" EM 7" M. Dor. Dip. This tangerine witha bright orange halo curls to excess. It twirls and cascades and is a good example of the unusual form. $85.00

CURLY GREEN CANARY (Reinke, B. '06) 34" E 7" Dor. Dip. This striking greenish curly spidery looking UF has a rose halo & deep green throat. Its very early blooming havit adds to its uniqueness. $95.00

SWEET KATIE IDELL (Reinke, 03) 34" M. 8" Dor. Dip. The charity of the burgundy colors in this quilled UF stand out in the garden. The green throat accentuated by a veined darker eye add t its attraction. $75.00



CHEROKEE VISION (Reinke, J. 2001) 7.5" Apricot brushed gold M 28" Dor. Classic spider with a showy patterned eye. Seedlings are larger but retain the sharply defined eye patterns. $55.00

CLEOPATRA'S WINE (Reink, B. 2003) 32" L 8" Dor. Purple variant spider. The unique shade of wine purple make this one special, and it adds a nie freshness for the late season. $55.00

JABO (Reinke, B&J 1998) 36" M 7" Sev. Showy very black red-purple. JABO is a favorite with garden guests as it adds the needed dark contrast to our display beds. $25.00

LAVENDER DIXIE ROAD (Reinke, B. 2003) 28" M Dor. 6" Lav. and cream bitone. The petals are nicely ruffled and accentuated by a blueish band. This one has proven a nice addition in the quest for a blue. $35.00

TENNESSEE LACE (Reinke, B&J 1998) 26" M 6" Hardy Sev. Very ruffled lacy, peachy pink modern form. The lacy edge is exquisite -- the best we know of in a diploid. $25.00

ROSE FOR CHARLOTTE (Reinke B. '04) 8" M 42' dor. Rosy pink large crinkly edged spatulate UF. The throat is green radiating to a large creamy yellow center. The petals and sepals are nicely crinkled and infused with touches of clear white. $65.00

SPIRIT OF MEMPHIS (Reinke, B. 2003) 34" M 8" Dor. Ghostly pink, slighly quilled unusal form, vigorious. $35

GADSDEN FIREFLY (Reinke, B. I.2004) 34", E to MLA, 3.5" Dor. Glowing golden brushed copper with a wide creamy gold edge. 5-way BR & 35+ BC. $50

VICTORIAN QUILLS (Reinke, J. 2001) 32" M 8" Dor. Quilled sepals, perfect pinched petals, good BR & BC. $35

LADY RUTH LAWRIMORE (Reinke, B. R. 203) 34" M 7" Dor. Dark velvet magenta, "capillary" veining. $45

FUSCHIA BEAUTY (Reinke, J. 2003) 23" M Dor. 6"-7" unique shade of fuschia crispate UF. $55


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