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2015 Spring Homeplace Gardens Releases



(K. Dye)   [Caroline’s Song X Screen Pattern]   Ken’s determination to add patterns to his well-received Caroline series resulted in this winner. He managed to keep all the green in this line while adding intensity to the grey patterned center. As a result of line breeding, the wonderful plant habits were retained as well. The clear intense colors on a 30” scape with 4 way branching (2 laterals) and 18 to 20 buds make this one of Ken’s best to date. It is dormant and fertile both ways.
DF $150.00



(C Dye) [Eyes Right Jones X Mitchell Hagler]   With so much smoky blue in the lavender eye and edge, I immediately thought of honoring the memory of NC bluegrass music legend Doc Watson. I attended one of his last concerts held at the Appalachian State University campus. At 86 years of age, his voice was strong, his memory good, and his own special style of finger picking guitar music was still amazing. So this beauty honors his legend (he would blush at that). It is a flaring 5” semi – evergreen with 28” tall scapes, 18 buds, and 4 branches per scape.
DF  $150.00


(C. Dye)  [Eyes Right Jones X Violet Becomes You]   The beauty of this 6” saturated violet purple flower is in its plant habit and color and it was hand-picked by Catawba Valley Club charter member Lynn to bear her name. Each 36” tall scape sports 4 way branching and as an early morning opener, it has an average bud count of 20 per scape. Of course the parentage gives a breeder a nice gene pool addition if you are looking for blue violet genetics that also have a great garden presence with this reblooming semi–evergreen.
DF  $50.00


(C. Dye) [Bordello Queen x Get R Done] x Solar Max}   In a nod to the Eagles music of my youth (and perhaps a relative or two) I think this 7” pastel yellow and its cherry eyezone and edge is worthy of a place in the garden even if space is scarce. It rebloomed 3 times on 30” tall scapes and refused to hide those lying eyes. Each scape had 2 laterals and a terminal Y. Dormant to semi – evergreen.
DF $100.00


(K Dye)   [I Told You So X Trahlyta]     A garden phenomenon when it comes to blooming and branching, this 8” diploid reigns supreme. A reblooming bud builder that bloomed for 3 months outshining all others in our 30 year collection. Wide open 5 way branches are 38” tall and have a bud count topping out at 30. The grey lavender blooms have a wide dark plum eyezone and a starburst green throat. Destined to be widely grown. Fertile too. We already have registrations coming from this one.
DF  $100.00



(K. Dye) [I Told You So X Trahlyta]  If grey is the new game in town then this 9 1/2” Unusual Form Crispate is scoring big! A dormant bud builder whose 40” tall scape ends the season as a Y with 16 bud scars and is a favorite of Ken’s when deadheading. This height guarantees no aching back blues. Its color is the same as the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina and tempted us to keep it all for a mass planting. Alas, the garden has needs - so it is for sale.
DF  $100.00


(K. Dye) [Megatron X Wispy Rays]   Ken’s quest for big and tall is rooted in his hatred for deadheading. Big and tall makes sense to him. This 10” flower with wide petals is a bud building dormant. Blooms are presented at the top of the 32” scape on a terminal W. There is usually one lateral side branch and an occasional proliferation. The dark red color is enhanced by the large green throat. And the name came from the first thing out of Ken’s mouth upon seeing this as a seedling. Given plenty of water and allowed to clump up the blooms will often hit 12”. It has set pods.
DF  $100.00


(C Dye)   [Ruth Holbrook X Judy Farquhar]   This 6” sculpted relief picture of elegance delights all the senses on a well branched 30” tall scape. The foliage is evergreen but it handles winter unmulched here in zone 7. With 20 buds per scape, this pastel peachy pink sets pods easily and flirts with its rosy eye and heavily ruffled edge along with vigorous plant growth. She WILL be noticed in your garden. You can count on it.
DF  $100.00


2013 Spring Homeplace Gardens Releases


K. Dye 2013 release (Forestlake Ragamuffin X Sharky's Revenge)     This 5 1/2” flower has plenty of teeth on BOTH sepals and petals but we think it is much more important because it is a BUDBUILDER with ’hot’ fertile pollen and also sets pods fairly easily. Considered a bi-tone, it has 20 buds with usually 3 branches. It has been semi evergreen and bloomed for 9 to 10 weeks here.
Double fans... $125.00 SOLD OUT


K. Dye 2013 release (Megatron X Seedling) When this one first bloomed, it was named based on Ken’s reaction to seeing it the first time. It is a dormant BUDBUILDER with a 12” mega sized eyepopping bloom. As with most flowers this size, it has top branching usually a terminal ‘W’. It is pod fertile and pollen fertile with 38” scapes. The color leans toward red but has an infusion of orange in its base. Bud count is around 12 to 15. If size matters to you - go BONKERS!
Blooming size singles ... $100.00


K Dye 2013 release (Linda Beck X Jay Farqhuar) This 9” stunning Unusual Form crispate took top honors in 2012 winning the Region 15 seedling competition in a highly competitive seedling bed with a well attended convention in Morganton, NC. It is a lavender pink with a large white watermark and excellent branching for such a large flower. Most branches have 2 laterals with smaller branching at the top. This daylily combines the genetics of the late Linda Agin and of Stout winner Jack Carpenter.
Triple fans... $50.00

CAROLINE’S SMILE* K. Dye 2013 release (Caroline's Song X Sweet Child Of Mine) Continuing his Caroline series, Ken switches gears with this open form extra large flower coming from exceptional parents. Capturing the size of SCOM and the branching and plant habit of CS, this daylily is very dormant and has a 9” wingspan which recurves into a 6 to 7 inch flower. It presents regally and the flower shaped greenish yellow watermark covers a large portion of the flower surface. A favorite among other hybridizers who visited, CS is a well branched 4 to 5 way BUDBUILDER - unusual for very large flowers.
Mostly double fans but limited... $125.00

BEAUTIFUL MADNESS* C. Dye 2013 release (Homeplace Cherry Face X Dylan Dye)  This beauty is named to salute all the daylily addicts with whom we share a kindred spirit. This 6” flower is an evergreen in mild winters here and a semi evergreen in colder winters. The wide green foliage is lush and much larger than average. With 30” scapes, it often had 4 way branching  and 20 buds. The base color is pale yellow and the cherry eyezone matches the edge which also shows jagged yellow gold teeth. A feminine flower with husky foliage.
Blooming size single fans…………$50.00





2012 Spring Homeplace Gardens Releases

MITCHELL HAGLER* Cindy Dye (Mildred Mitchell X Cindy’s Tie Dye) This tet grows 34” tall here with a 7” bloom best described as peachy tan with a multi blue violet eyezone  outlined in a darker shade. With 2 laterals and a  terminal w, the scapes average 15 to 20 buds. MH often produces 2 scapes per fan.  The edge is jagged, toothy and blue violet. Named for a daylily collector and hardworking Region 15 member whose contributions to Regional and local clubs are endless.
Double fans… $50.00

CHASING GIRLS* Cindy Dye (Monet’s Garden X Ruby Lips) This tet grows 28” tall here exhibiting budbuilding characteristics and blooming over a 2 month period. Flower size averages 5” and is a pastel creamy yellow with a clear bright red eyezone and edge. It screams for attention.
Double fans….$25.00

Grandaughter Caroline - always inspiring


Cindy Dye (Homeplace Lemonade X seedling) This 7” to 8” lemon yellow diploid beauty is a bright spot in the EARLY garden. It is evergreen to semi evergreen but has proven hardy in zone 5. Scapes have 4 branches and 16 to 20 buds.
Divisions will be 2 to 3 fans…$25.00

TO DYE FOR* Cindy Dye (Homeplace Debutante X Mildred Mitchell) This beauty has it all - form, edge, eye, buds, branching, and color. It is a 6 ½” flower on a 30” scape with 4 branches and is an early morning opener. The blue violet eyezone and very fancy ¾” edge show well against the pale cream peach base color of the flower. I think you will like it as much as I do.
double fans…$100.00 SOLD OUT

TETRA LINDA GLUCK* (Dye/Trimmer ) This conversion is a pollen fertile chimera and will set pods yielding 2 or 3 seeds. Seed production increases when pollen is used on a fertile pod parent. The importance of this conversion is in bringing extra large size into a program. It has taken my pinks and edge no eyes from 6” to 8” in one generation. The diploid parents were FORSYTHE FLAMING SNOW and SEAL OF APPROVAL. It is very dormant and vigorous.
2 fans…$200.00


2011 Spring Homeplace Gardens Releases


( C. Dye ) Parentage ( Red Labyrinth X Jay Farqhuar) X Homeplace Blackout.This 5" flower may have a simple face but it out performs all the fancier faces in the garden. Each 40” tall scape will have about 30 buds by the time it finishes budbuilding. Each scape branches 5 ways and EACH FAN PRODUCES 2 SCAPES! Reddish purple in color, I consider this a stellar garden plant. Hats off to simple men……..$ 25.00 DF



( C. Dye ) Parentage (Homeplace Bull’s Eye X Homeplace Cherry Face ) I waited a long time to introduce something from HBE because I knew it needed to be a huge improvement and those come slowly. I was never satisfied with the results of line breeding HBE. Many disappointing generations later and after much thought I outcrossed to my most intensely colored cultivar HCF, and was able to get a saturated color that is hard to photograph with my limited skills. Along with marvelous color came a nice 5" round ruffled form, nice multiple branching and best of all - 2 SCAPES PER FAN! That edge is stellar too. I am proud to offer this semi - evergreen to you... $25.00 DF


2010 Spring Homeplace Gardens Releases


(K. Dye ‘10 ) This diploid has a wingspan of 12” to 13” but twists and curls to a  10” to 11” naturally standing Unusual Form crispate that starts the day as a pale creamy  yellow and brightens to mostly white with tons of green in the center. It has 3 to 4 branches and 18 buds. Scapes are 32” and quite sturdy and hold the monster sized blooms well. Selected by spider lover and longtime daylily grower Betty Smith as her namesake, BETTY SMITH often meets both spider and UF criteria but is registered as a UF. This is sure to be a sell out.


( K. Dye ‘10 ) This LATE blooming unruly non- conforming girl reminded us of a woman on edge constantly changing her mind. Our peak season here is in June and this one starts blooming in July. The color of this 9” flower is near white and the sepals often throw tantrums looking sharp or curled depending on its mood. She grows 32” tall and has about 20 buds. (I TOLD YOU SO X WORLD CLASS ODDITY)... $35.00


(K. Dye ‘10 ) This curly diploid could very well be a glimpse into the dual forms of spidery bagels! Bagel and spider lovers beware - your world is changing. It starts out with an 11” wingspan and begins to twist and curl into a 7” unusual form and 4 to 5 way branching. Then as the season progresses the curls get tighter and the flowers become very round showing mostly the green throat on the face. It is lovely at all times. It is a semi evergreen to dormant budbuilder that sports  20 buds on 45” scapes. Blue violet ( due to Childs pedigree in background) with lots of green. (I TOLD YOU SO X WORLD CLASS ODDITY)... DF $20.00


(C. Dye ‘10 ) Just like Noah felt when God sent the branch in the dove’s beak to give him a sign that the flood was over, this flower put a grateful smile on my face when I saw it. I was quite surprised that such a nice 7” near white could come from the breeding of 2 bluish colors. DD is 28” tall with 3 to 4 branches and is proof that God loves us and wants us to have much beauty in our lives. It has 15 buds and is semi evergreen. ( DYLAN DYE X MILDRED MITCHELL)...DF $20.00


( K. Dye ‘10 ) We could have registered 30 from this magical cross but chose 4 or 5 that had something different to offer. GONE GREEN was by far the greenest. If this one had not twisted so much it would have been a dual classification of both spider and unusual form but the 10” flower can twist into an 8” bloom with 3 to 4 branches.  It is registered as a 28” tall  UF with 15 buds. Semi - evergreen. (SKINWALKER X ROLLING LIKE A RIVER)... DF $50.00


( K Dye ‘10 ) Every once in a while a flower comes along that makes you glad you did not quit when the going was tough. RWA is that flower for us. This 10 “ rosy  twisting curling crispate is an unusual form diva. Not content to show off 20 enormous blooms on its DORMANT BUDBUILDING 38” scape, it is also fragrant. The huge white watermark is second only to the peridot green throat that holds most of the day. Destined for conversion, this diploid came from a cross of two great daylilies and one determined man to go his own way. I am not sure if Ken can top this but it will be fun to watch and see. (I TOLD YOU SO X WORLD CLASS ODDITY)...double fans... $25.00


(K. Dye ‘10 name pending ) This 8” yellow LATE bloomer swept us away with its 4 to 5 branches and 25 buds waiting until past peak here to show off. WOAW is a very stately light lemon yellow  diploid early morning opener with a very nice green eyezone/throat. At 40” tall,  WAITING ON A WOMAN is dedicated to all those men who spend way too much time in the car with the engine running. God bless you. (SKINWALKER X ROLLING LIKE A RIVER )... $60.00 SOLD OUT


2009 Spring Homeplace Gardens Releases


( K. Dye 09 ) This dormant lavender tet has a 6” bloom on a 28” tall well branched scape and 20 buds. WINNER OF 2010 HYBRIDIZERS AWARD and BEST SEEDLING AWARD for REGION 15 in 2008. A full sib to C. SONG , it is bigger and more triangular in form. The violet blue watermark is outlined in a deeper violet and the green throat shines. It is the total package being both pod and pollen fertile…..large single divisions…..SOLD OUT


( K Dye 09 ) This dormant lavender tet has an open formed flower of 5” with a 28” tall scape sporting 3 to 4 branches and 20 buds. The blue violet watermark is outlined in a deeper blue violet but the peridot green throat makes this a true show off in the garden. It is very pod and pollen fertile. Selling large blooming size single divisions (CLAUDINE‘S CHARM X SLIM SHADY)….DF $30.00


( C. Dye 09 ) This tet beauty queen has perfect bagel form with rounded to blunt sepals and triple edges on the heavily ruffled petals. Base color is lavender with pink undertones. The feathered blue violet eyezone on this remarkable 5 ½” flower is outlined in a darker shade of violet which is carried into the edge. The 2 shades of violet in the edge are surrounded by gold teeth, bubbles and protrusions.  It is semi - evergreen and 25” tall with 4 branches and 20 buds. Very fertile. (DYLAN DYE X MILDRED MITCHELL )….DF $35.00


( C. Dye 09 ) This heavily ruffled tet never has a problem opening on its own. It is named for a lovely Piedmont Gal and sports a 4 ½” rounded peachy bloom with huge looping ruffles framing a slightly carved sculptured face. The green throat is there beneath its ruffled center. It is 28” tall and has 3 to 4 branches with a wide terminal Y. A vigorous semi- evergreen grower with 22 buds. (HOMEPLACE ANGEL FACE X SPECTRAL ELEGANCE )…SOLD OUT


( C. Dye 09 ) Honoring a ‘spunky’ Piedmont gal, this flower will not be overlooked. It is a full sib to H DEBUTANTE but is taller and larger at 6” and has a different shape. It grows 28” tall and the blue in the eyezone is carried onto the edge and into some veining on the flower face. The sepals will often flare out instead of recurving. A vigorous grower and fertile as well. Nicely branched and blooming over a long period of time……SOLD OUT

2006 Spring Homeplace Gardens Releases


(C. Dye 04) This flower is named for a lovely and hard working Piedmont Club member. Linda and her husband Bill have served our club in various duties and this "Best Seedling" winner of our show in 2002 honors Linda's good name. It is a cross of FORSTYTHE FLAMING SNOW × SEAL OF APPROVAL and brings honor to both parents -- each very beautiful. LINDA GLUCK is an X-large flower standing a proud 7½" and at times hitting more than 8". It is a dormant rebloomer with 2 or 3 branches and 12 to 15 buds. At 35" tall this lady takes her place among all the beauty queens of the garden. She can be described as a pale pink with a very large watermark or pale cream with a darker pink edge. Either way I am grateful to have been the first person to enjoy the regal beauty this girl projects. This diploid is destined to be converted and added to the edged with no eye lines of tets. It has already given me several incredible lavender edge futures. WINNER OF AN AHS HM in 2009. SOLD OUT

2005 Homeplace Gardens Fall Releases


(Reg. 2004 C. Dye) HOMEPLACE HONOR X HOMEPLACE CHERRY FACE. This name was taken from one of my favorite hymns and this gorgeous flower certainly "sings." It is a 5 inch cherry pink base color with a cherry eyezone leading down to an orange throat and a green heart. But its unique double chicken fat edge hits all the high notes! The edge intensifies with heat and this tet stands at 25 inches tall with 4 branches and a whopping 25 buds per scape. It is a dependable rebloomer and is dormant. This is a great addition to the gene pool as it has NONE of the "hang up" problems of most plants with an edge this incredible. WINNER OF HYBRIDIZERS AWARD IN 2009.... $35.00