Homeplace Gardens... the daylilies of Ken & Cindy Dye

Welcome to the website of Ken and Cindy Dye, hybridizers and garden judges of daylilies for more than 20 years. We have been blessed and thrilled to have won the REGION 15 JEFFCOAT HYBRIDIZER’S AWARD - Cindy in 2009 and Ken in 2010. We want to thank all the great daylily people who encourage us by buying our plants and with your words of kindness. We are a state inspected garden and are open to visitors in JUNE, by advance notice, as we do attend many National and Regional daylily conventions. We are zone 7 with 4 distinct seasons.

2013 Spring Homeplace Gardens Releases

Entire 2013 Spring Collection Price: $500.00 plus $20.00 shipping (a savings of $100.00) Club purchases welcome.


K. Dye 2013 release (Forestlake Ragamuffin X Sharky's Revenge)     This 5 1/2” flower has plenty of teeth on BOTH sepals and petals but we think it is much more important because it is a BUDBUILDER with ’hot’ fertile pollen and also sets pods fairly easily. Considered a bi-tone, it has 20 buds with usually 3 branches. It has been semi evergreen and bloomed for 9 to 10 weeks here.
Double fans... $125.00


K. Dye 2013 release (Megatron X Seedling) When this one first bloomed, it was named based on Ken’s reaction to seeing it the first time. It is a dormant BUDBUILDER with a 12” mega sized eyepopping bloom. As with most flowers this size, it has top branching usually a terminal ‘W’. It is pod fertile and pollen fertile with 38” scapes. The color leans toward red but has an infusion of orange in its base. Bud count is around 12 to 15. If size matters to you - go BONKERS!
Blooming size singles ... $125.00


K Dye 2013 release (Linda Beck X Jay Farqhuar) This 9” stunning Unusual Form crispate took top honors in 2012 winning the Region 15 seedling competition in a highly competitive seedling bed with a well attended convention in Morganton, NC. It is a lavender pink with a large white watermark and excellent branching for such a large flower. Most branches have 2 laterals with smaller branching at the top. This daylily combines the genetics of the late Linda Agin and of Stout winner Jack Carpenter.
Large single fans... $100.00

CAROLINE’S SMILE* K. Dye 2013 release (Caroline's Song X Sweet Child Of Mine) Continuing his Caroline series, Ken switches gears with this open form extra large flower coming from exceptional parents. Capturing the size of SCOM and the branching and plant habit of CS, this daylily is very dormant and has a 9” wingspan which recurves into a 6 to 7 inch flower. It presents regally and the flower shaped greenish yellow watermark covers a large portion of the flower surface. A favorite among other hybridizers who visited, CS is a well branched 4 to 5 way BUDBUILDER - unusual for very large flowers.
Mostly double fans but limited... $125.00

BEAUTIFUL MADNESS* C. Dye 2013 release (Homeplace Cherry Face X Dylan Dye)  This beauty is named to salute all the daylily addicts with whom we share a kindred spirit. This 6” flower is an evergreen in mild winters here and a semi evergreen in colder winters. The wide green foliage is lush and much larger than average. With 30” scapes, it often had 4 way branching  and 20 buds. The base color is pale yellow and the cherry eyezone matches the edge which also shows jagged yellow gold teeth. A feminine flower with husky foliage.
Blooming size single fans…………$125.00