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Welcome to the website of Ken and Cindy Dye, hybridizers and garden judges of daylilies for more than 20 years. We have been blessed and thrilled to have won the REGION 15 JEFFCOAT HYBRIDIZER’S AWARD - Cindy in 2009 and Ken in 2010. We want to thank all the great daylily people who encourage us by buying our plants and with your words of kindness. We are a state inspected garden and are open to visitors in JUNE, by advance notice, as we do attend many National and Regional daylily conventions. We are zone 7 with 4 distinct seasons.

2015 Spring Homeplace Gardens Releases

Entire 2015 Spring Collection Price: $800.00 with FREE shipping. No orders shipped until spring.



(K. Dye)   [Caroline’s Song X Screen Pattern]   Ken’s determination to add patterns to his well-received Caroline series resulted in this winner. He managed to keep all the green in this line while adding intensity to the grey patterned center. As a result of line breeding, the wonderful plant habits were retained as well. The clear intense colors on a 30” scape with 4 way branching (2 laterals) and 18 to 20 buds make this one of Ken’s best to date. It is dormant and fertile both ways.
DF $150.00



(C Dye) [Eyes Right Jones X Mitchell Hagler]   With so much smoky blue in the lavender eye and edge, I immediately thought of honoring the memory of NC bluegrass music legend Doc Watson. I attended one of his last concerts held at the Appalachian State University campus. At 86 years of age, his voice was strong, his memory good, and his own special style of finger picking guitar music was still amazing. So this beauty honors his legend (he would blush at that). It is a flaring 5” semi – evergreen with 28” tall scapes, 18 buds, and 4 branches per scape.
DF  $150.00


(C. Dye)  [Eyes Right Jones X Violet Becomes You]   The beauty of this 6” saturated violet purple flower is in its plant habit and color and it was hand-picked by Catawba Valley Club charter member Lynn to bear her name. Each 36” tall scape sports 4 way branching and as an early morning opener, it has an average bud count of 20 per scape. Of course the parentage gives a breeder a nice gene pool addition if you are looking for blue violet genetics that also have a great garden presence with this reblooming semi–evergreen.
DF  $100.00


(C. Dye) [Bordello Queen x Get R Done] x Solar Max}   In a nod to the Eagles music of my youth (and perhaps a relative or two) I think this 7” pastel yellow and its cherry eyezone and edge is worthy of a place in the garden even if space is scarce. It rebloomed 3 times on 30” tall scapes and refused to hide those lying eyes. Each scape had 2 laterals and a terminal Y. Dormant to semi – evergreen.
DF $100.00


(K Dye)   [I Told You So X Trahlyta]     A garden phenomenon when it comes to blooming and branching, this 8” diploid reigns supreme. A reblooming bud builder that bloomed for 3 months outshining all others in our 30 year collection. Wide open 5 way branches are 38” tall and have a bud count topping out at 30. The grey lavender blooms have a wide dark plum eyezone and a starburst green throat. Destined to be widely grown. Fertile too. We already have registrations coming from this one.
DF  $100.00



(K. Dye) [I Told You So X Trahlyta]  If grey is the new game in town then this 9 1/2” Unusual Form Crispate is scoring big! A dormant bud builder whose 40” tall scape ends the season as a Y with 16 bud scars and is a favorite of Ken’s when deadheading. This height guarantees no aching back blues. Its color is the same as the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina and tempted us to keep it all for a mass planting. Alas, the garden has needs - so it is for sale.
DF  $100.00


(K. Dye) [Megatron X Wispy Rays]   Ken’s quest for big and tall is rooted in his hatred for deadheading. Big and tall makes sense to him. This 10” flower with wide petals is a bud building dormant. Blooms are presented at the top of the 32” scape on a terminal W. There is usually one lateral side branch and an occasional proliferation. The dark red color is enhanced by the large green throat. And the name came from the first thing out of Ken’s mouth upon seeing this as a seedling. Given plenty of water and allowed to clump up the blooms will often hit 12”. It has set pods.
DF  $100.00


(C Dye)   [Ruth Holbrook X Judy Farquhar]   This 6” sculpted relief picture of elegance delights all the senses on a well branched 30” tall scape. The foliage is evergreen but it handles winter unmulched here in zone 7. With 20 buds per scape, this pastel peachy pink sets pods easily and flirts with its rosy eye and heavily ruffled edge along with vigorous plant growth. She WILL be noticed in your garden. You can count on it.
DF  $100.00