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2007 Introductions

PINK ENDURANCE  (Kelly Mitchell  2007)  Tet

5 .5 to 6"  evergreen, early mid-season, 24" rebloom,  20 to 25 buds

PINK ENDURANCE is a good name for this daylily. It has the most vivid, true pink color I've seen of  any  pink daylily I have grown in my garden over the years.  It  colors up very well in the hot weather instead of going pale as well as having excellent substance that holds up in the hot sun.

PINK ENDURANCE has deep ruffles with a strong white to cream edge.  The edge can be very thick on established plants and rebloom.  The photo above was taken on a first-bloom scape. It generally has three branches with 20 to 25 buds.  It is moderately easy as a pod parent and easy as a pollen one.  Many of its offspring have excellent pink color and substance.  A good parent. $150

ROYAL SPECKLES  (Kelly Mitchell 2007)  Tet

6"  evergreen, early mid-season,  26" rebloom, 25 buds

ROYAL SPECKLES brings a fancier face to stippled daylilies.  Most of the current stippled ones are tailored with not much ruffling or edging. ROYAL SPECKLES  has  a cream orchid base with darker lavender-purple eye and double-lavender purple and cream to gold edge.  There is lavender-purple stippling throughout the flower with it being more concentrated in the edge and eye.  I am hoping ROYAL SPECKLES will lead me to a daylily flower with the boldness of the plicatas in the iris.  It does pass on stippling to some of its seedlings.  A few seedlings have shown a tendency to have broken colors . I'm not a expert but it seems to me that stippling is somewhat recessive.  ROYAL SPECKLES has 3 to 4 way branching with 25 buds on average. Fairly easy pod parent and easy pollen parent. $125.00

BROWN LASSO (Kelly Mitchell 2007) Tet

((RASPBERRY BERET X DESPERADO LOVE) X (MONTERAY JACK X RASPBERRY BERET)) 6.5"  dormant, early mid-season, 32"  rebloom 30 to 35 buds

BROWN LASSO is a very different, large buckskin based flower with a clean mahogany brown eye and large edge. BROWN LASSO gets browner as the day goes on ending up with a rich  chocolate-colored eye and edge by the late afternoon. It is one of the largest sized picotees I grow. BROWN LASSO is very sun resistant.  For some reason sun resistance has been difficult to breed into the browns so I was more than thrilled when BROWN LASSO showed up in the seedling patch looking good all day long in the sun.  Excellent height and scape with 4 to 5 way branching with 30 to 35 buds. Easy parent both ways.  Many shades of brown showing up in its seedlings. $100

Buy all three introductions for $275.00 a savings of $100.00!

Buy PINK ENDURANCE and ROYAL SPECKLES for $225.00 a savings of $50.00!

Shipping is $10.00 for Priority mail or 22.00 for Express mail. Check or money order is fine.  Unfortunately, I'm not set up for credit cards at this time

2006 Introductions

VANILLA LACE  (Kelly Mitchell  2006)  Tet

(Key Lime Ice X Seedling) 5" evergreen, early mid-season, 22" rebloom,  15 to 20 buds

VANILLA LACE  was a wonder when it bloomed the first time.  It had the biggest edge I had gotten on any seedling up to that point. VANILLA LACE  has good substance and holds well in full sun. The flowers bloom above the shorter foliage, and open well. The color is lavender which has a more pinkish color in warmer weather. The edge is predominately white with some yellow or gold occasionally. It has a nice extending green throat.  It has been fertile both ways.  It has been moderately easy to use as both a pod and pollen parent.  A very pretty flower .
 $125.00 df

QUEEN'S CIRCLE (Kelly Mitchell 2006)  Tet

(Awesome Blossom X Tet Lavender Blue Baby) 5"  evergreen, early mid-season,  26" rebloom, 25 to 30 buds

QUEEN'S CIRCLE  brings a different double edge to daylilies.  The color of  QUEEN'S CIRCLE is a rich red violet with a dark blackish eye and double black and white to silver metallic edge.   I have been using QUEEN'S CIRCLE to breed for double edges with  wider metallic silver edges.  This has been made easier by the fact that QUEEN'S CIRCLE is a very easy pod parent.  Pollen is also easy to use. QUEEN'S CIRCLE is a vigorous  grower with  attractive foliage.  Makes a beautiful clump.
$125.00 df

WONDERFUL TO SEE (Kelly Mitchell 2006) Tet

((Raspberry BeretXSdlg)X(Monterrey Jack X Desperado Love))  6"  semi-evergreen, early mid-season, 27"   rebloom 30 buds

WONDERFUL TO SEE is the first in a number of seedlings I'll be introducing that have colors that are out of the ordinary.  WONDERFUL TO SEE has a eye and edge in a different magenta coral shade.  The picture doesn't show the shade quite right. It is more to the coral side in person. The base color is a nice clean light yellow with a green cast. It has been giving seedlings with yellow bases that have even more green in them. A very easy parent both ways.  Scapes often have 10 or more pods on them.  A good rebloomer. A pretty flower that is different.
$75.00 df

2005 Introductions


TET ( BOLD ENCOUNTER x BORDER MUSIC) 4 3/4" evergreen, early, 25" scapes rebloom 4 to 5 way branching with 30-35 buds

DARK REFLECTION is a step forward in contrast. The very dark blackish eye and edge are offset by a near white base color. The throat is an intense green that holds during the day. The flower is very bold and clean looking. Not to mention the wonderful full form, strong growth, great scapes, and heavy rebloom. A good opener, DARK REFLECTION is one of the first flowers to bloom in our garden in the spring and keeps going through the summer. On rebloom and established plants the dark edge is often glided in metallic silver. A good parent for getting a whiter shade of base color on picotees as well as large bold edges. It is fertile both ways being a very easy pod parent.
$65.00 df


TET (SEEDLING X SEEDLING) 6" evergreen, midseason late, 26" scapes rebloom 3 way branching with 20-25 buds

A very big and full rich purple flower with great color.Petals are often 3 1/2" and surrounded with a fancy edge primarily white with occasional hues of pewter and light gold. STORM SHADOWS has great potential for breeding as well as being a garden standout. It has excellent foliage that isn't upright like many of the purples. It opens well and has heavy substance that does well in the hot sun. Fertile both ways with strong pollen. Moderately easy as a pod parent. Good vigor.
$65.00 df


(DESPERADO LOVE X MONTEREY JACK) F2 5 1/2 to 6" semievergreen, midseason, 26" scapes 4 to 5 way branching with 30 to 35 buds

A very bright and cheerful flower. Yellow daylilies with red eyes and edges are a personal favorite of mine. I have many seedlings from LEMON ROUGE to bloom in the coming spring. I can hardly wait. A pretty light yellow with a vivid rose red eye and edge that loves the sun. Very full with 3" plus petals and wide blunt sepals. An excellent opener in our cool mornings here. In colder winters here it does go to the ground, but most winters just half way. It may well act as a dormant in colder climates. An easy parent both ways.
$50.00 df

2004 Introductions

GINNY MITCHELL (Kelly Mitchell 2004)

(Mildred Mitchell X Seedling) 6" evergreen, early, 26" scapes, rebloom, Tetraploid

It seems fitting that my second introduction should be a Mildred Mitchell child and named for my wonderful sister. GINNY MITCHELL has tremendous vigor and bloom power. It blooms early and reblooms here until August. A large, beautiful mauve lavender with a bluish eye and edge surrounded by an outer large cream gold edge. On established plants the edge often reachs ½. Wonderful dark green foliage that looks healthy all season. Fertile both ways with strong pollen. 4-way branching with 25 to 30 buds. Very strong grower that clumps quickly. Strong rebloom. Fertile both ways with strong pollen. An important parent for vigor, edges, and clear colors. $50.00 df

CROWNED HEADS (Kelly Mitchell 2004)

AT FIRST BLUSH x MILDRED MITCHELL SEEDLING) X SEEDLING) 6" evergreen, early midseason, 18-20 buds on 22" scapes, reblooms, 3-way branching.

This flower will appeal to both daylily connoisseurs that just love big edges and those who are breeding for them. A big pinkish flower with a small, soft darker eye and huge double edge. The outer light gold edge is very large. The double edge at times will reach 1. CROWNED HEADS opens well with excellent holding ability in all day sun. 18-20 buds on 3-way branching. Good rebloom. Fertile both ways and a good parent for large edges on large flowers. $125.00 Limited. sorry sold out

Previous Introduction

(Kelly Mitchell '99)

A large pinkish lavender with a blue-tinted eye and matching edge. An exciting new shade in wide-edge daylilies. 25 to 30 buds with excellent branching and rebloom. Good increase and sun resistance. Pollen very strong. Pods moderately difficult. I have raised almost 1000 seedlings to date with MILDRED MITCHELL as a pod parent. HM 2002 AM 2006-- $35.00


This is Newton, head supervisor and part-time rototiller at Rainbow Acres.

Rainbow Acres is a family owned nursery that was begun some 20 years ago. We have been hybridizing daylilies and iris for most of those years. Our first daylily introduction was MILDRED MITCHELL which has been warmly received and grown by many daylily fanciers across the United States and parts of Europe.

Fred Kerr of Rainbow Acres has introduced many iris with his QUEEN'S CIRCLE winning the Franklin Cup at the 2002 National Iris Convention.

A very special thanks to all previous customers who have made it possible for Rainbow Acres to continue.

Kelly Mitchell

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