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Peak bloom is mid-July. Visiting hours during June are 9AM to 3PM on Saturday & Sunday. Visiting hours during July are 9AM to 3PM everyday except Monday & Tuesday. zone 6B

We have a northern garden. We grow hundreds of varieties of daylilies and display them in 3 acres of mixed perennial borders. We encourage garden visitors to come and see daylilies at their best. We also have thousands of daylilies growing in 2 gallon pots available for sale. Potted daylilies transplant without disturbing their growth and blooming.We are zone 6b but have seen temperatures 23 degrees below zero. Our goal is to sell hardy plants that survive harsh winter conditions.

Susquehanna Strawberry Edge
is an important step in my breeding program for red edges. It has a clear pink color and a complete, bubbly red edge and red eye. The green throat complements the pink flower. The petals are 2 1/4" wide. The red edge is 1/4" wide. M, 22", 5", 3-way branching, DOR., Tet. Cherrystone x Strawberry Fields Forever. Limited supply.....$100.00
2004 Introduction
Susquehanna Pirate has a fantastic double edge. It is a large flower with great branching. The purple and gold edge measures about 3/8". It has a very green throat. 32" tall, M, 6 1/2", DOR, Tet. Parents unknown........ $100.00
2004 Introduction
Unchain My Heart is a pink version of my first introduction. It is a cross between Initial Public Offering x Strawberry Candy. It is a great garden performer and has each year issued two sets of scapes. EM, 38", 5", 4-way branching, Sev., Tet. The flower is a nice pink color with a red eye and an incomplete red edge......$45.00
2004 Introduction
Sockeye Sunrise was a knockout from its initial bloom due to its large flower size and tall scape. Flowers are consistent and the foliage is dormant. The color is a salmon pink color with a rose eye. Flowers have great substance and open early each morning. M, 38", 6", DOR, Tet. Corinthian Pink x Ashcombe's Pink Delight...........$45.00
2004 Introduction

Pirate Beads Kendig, 21" midseason, semi-evergreen TET 5 1/2" flower with 2 1/2" wide petals. 16 buds. Very strong, bubbly purple edge that is a very clear purple color. Flower is near white. Pirates Patch was the first daylily I ever saw with similar coloration ( and it knocked my socks off), and several similar daylilies have since appeared. In our garden this edge is real color improvement, and has been very popular with visitors. Supply is limited, and I am taking orders. Single fan..............$100
2003 Introduction

Red Planet Kendig, 24", early-midseason, dormant, TET (Strawberry Fields Forever x Palladian Pink) 4 1/2" flower with 2" wide petals. 5 branches with 30-36 buds. Blooms just above the foliage. Pink flower with rose eye and pleated rose edge. Great bud count although the branching is closely spaced. This is important flower to my breeding program because of the "red" edge. The edge is not a striking contrast such as "Pirate" but it is the edge that makes this flower distinctive. Single fan............$60
2003 Introduction- available Spring

Below are some our selected seedlings. Visit to see more of our seedlings and offerings.


We invite you to tour our garden and see daylilies grown in beautiful display beds filled with perennials Garden hours are 9AM to 3PM. The garden is open to the public each Saturday and Sunday in June. During July, which is our peak bloom, we are open everyday except for Mondays and Tuesdays.


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