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Melanie and Bob Mason, 632 North Broadway, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
Phone: (518) 587-2156 Saratoga Springs -- (518) 753-0356 Farm

We welcome visitors. Please call or e-mail in advance. Further information is below.

(Mason, M. 2005) Ev 32" M 7"

Named for the last remaining wooden lighthouse on the Hudson River, MAID OF THE MEADOWS is a beacon in the perennial garden. The wide cream watermark and bright rose petals make this large flower a standout, and the good gold edge only adds to the presentation. This is only the second evergreen I’ve introduced, but is every bit equal in performance to the dormants. Four-way branching and 20-25 buds. MAID OF THE MEADOWS may rebloom in warmer areas. Pod and pollen fertile. (Tropical Triumph x Time Warp)
$125.00 double fan SOLD OUT

(Mason, M. 2005) Dor 24" M 5"

This is the blackest purple I’ve grown, with no sign of red coloration. It stands up nicely to sun and rain, has nice ruffles, and broad sepals, combining the best of both parents in a more compact plant. I’ve been using this with Ron Valente’s Storm Track to work on black-purples. Three way branching and 15+ buds. (Evening Enchantment x Mephistopheles)
$100.00 double fan

2005 is going to be a big year for the Mason family. In June, we will be moving from our Saratoga Springs house to live full-time at the farm. Our farm is located along Rte. 67, just east of the Hudson River. We have the benefit of views of both the Green Mountains of Vermont and the Adirondack Mountains of Upstate New York.

The farm is a two-part operation. The major part of our 385 acres is hayfields and pastures for Bob’s herd of registered Black Angus cattle. Melanie’s daylilies occupy about an acre surrounding the farmhouse. We grow over 1300 registered varieties, as well as the seedlings from Melanie’s hybridizing program. Our farm is a solid climate zone 4, and a good test for winter hardiness for the north. If a daylily performs well here, you can feel confident that it will grow well for anyone in zones 3-7.

(Mason, M. 2005) Dor 30" EM 7"

A star shaped daylily, rather old-fashioned in presentation, graceful, and devoid of any frills save a lovely cream watermark. Neither spider nor unusual form, but a lovely addition to the garden. The lavender is very much on the “blue” side. Sadly, the label was eaten by deer so parentage is unknown, most likely from Astral Voyager or Lavender Light. 3-way branching and 12-15 buds. Modestly fertile.
$50.00 double fan

(Mason, M. 2005) Dor 30" ML 4.5"

A lovely clear pink with impeccable form and a nearly perfect circular band of palest rose. Nicely ruffled. Excellent 3-4 way branching and a bud count of 25 or more make this an excellent garden plant. Super foliage as well. CIRCULAR THINKING combines the best of both parents while removing any hint of peach. (Pink Cotton Candy x Simply Sensational)
$75.00 double fan

Our collection of daylilies spans the generations and includes minis, small-flowers, doubles, spiders, and exotic forms from a wide assortment of hybridizers. All are specifically selected for their ability to perform well in a cold climate. Melanie hybridizes with tetraploids, so there is an extra large selection of these.

During our summer “Daylily Days” (weekends, July 9 through Aug. 14 from 10-4pm) you can come to the farm and select daylilies in bloom. We will dig them for you while you wait. This is by far the best way to select a daylily! Bring the family as there is always something to amuse both young and old, be it throwing tennis balls for our pups, watching the baby geese on the pond, or laughing at the antics of the calves. If you’d like to visit, just e-mail for directions.

We publish a small catalogue that is available in January. Prices are effective until June 15 when our shipping season ends. If you are interested, please e-mail Melanie and include your snail mail address.

(Mason, M. 2005) Sev 30" EM 6.5"

While this daylily is as soft and lovely as our granddaughter for whom it is named, it also displays all the persistence of the youngster as well. Standing up to sun, wind, and rain, and building buds well into the late season, EVA JANINE is not to be mistaken for any other daylily. Pale clear pink, early blossoms display wonderful pleating in the extremely green throat. Four-way branching and 30+ buds by season’s end. Has occasionally rebloomed here. Pod and pollen fertile. Not an unusual form, but I am using it with them. (Dear Prudence x All the Magic)
$125.00 double fan

(Mason, M. 2005) Sev 26" ML 5.75"

Another in my series of daylilies named for Saratoga Springs establishments, this daylily reminds me of an antique gold coin, a fitting tie-in for a bank! Lemon yellow, with an irregular cinnamon wash that is more intense after cool nights, and very round and ruffled, ADIRONDACK TRUST is an excellent early morning opener, and holds well into evening. Distinctive green throat. Three-four way branching and 15-20 buds, often more. (Crazy for You x Smuggler’s Gold)
$75.00 double fan

(Mason, M. 2005) Dor 26" EM 6"

A quiet polychrome blend of blush pink, peach, and cream that really glows. This daylily speaks softly, and although striking in it’s own right, it doesn’t “shout”. Nice wide petals and a gold wire edge. Fertile both ways. Three-way branching and 15-20 buds. (Allegheny Sunset x Adjure)
$75.00 double fan

(Mason, M. 2005) Dor 27" ML 5.25"

This year we offer the first introductions out of Rogue. GYPSY ROSE is a wonderful wide-petaled deep rose-pink with a fantastic bubbly metallic edge, sometimes silver, sometimes gold. Extremely well-branched and budded, and very impressive in a clump. Vigorous and fertile too, and an easy opening daylily. Four-five way branching, 30+ buds. (Wisest of Wizards x Rogue)
$125.00 double fan SOLD OUT

(Mason, M. 2005) Dor Dor 33" ML 5.5"

Named for Paula Heisen, an artist in NYC, who is not only an exceptional painter, but also an exceptional gardener. This flower has subtlety but presence in the garden. Displaying all the vigor of it’s pod parent, PAULA HEISEN not only puts up an impressive 4-way branched scape, but is easily pod and pollen fertile. A lovely peach-cream confection with light rose eye and a gold wire edge. (Bordello Queen x Unknown)
$100.00 double fan

(Mason, M. 2005) Dor 22" M 6"

Bright triangular clear yellow with very heavily fringed gold edge. The blossoms open easily, despite the thick edge, and FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS blooms over a long period. Has sent up rebloom scapes, but rebloom here is weather dependent. Three way branching and 15+ buds, and fertile either way. (Brazillian Emerald x Rogue)
$100.00 double fan

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